Find the Happy Smile…

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Can you find the little “dried flower” smiling happily amongst his friends? Or maybe even two of them… How long did it take you to find him/them?

Find the Happy Smile

Pretty Dead Things

I guess this counts as one of those Pretty Dead Things folks have been photographing this year! Although this little fellow is definitely still alive, and enjoying the Spring sun with the rest of his community!

I discovered him on a lazy photo saunter through the divide of prairie and woods that prevail in my area of the Midwest. Last year’s flowers had by now weathered to their essentials. The freezing blue greys of winter were transforming into the warm grey browns brought on by Spring’s dampness and warmth.

I was attracted to this flower collective, with its dozens of starry petals framing little textured globes. They looked so happy, blowing gently in the breeze. Then, up close, my eyes were drawn to one very happy flower spirit, tiny as can be, enjoying being surrounded by friends and sun. 

Happiness comes in many sizes…


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