Contemplating Your Options

by | Dark Forces & Grumpy Beings

Greenman and Eery Beings

This is a story of – what you focus on is what you experience.

These two dark ominous beings, right, overlook a path through a Preserve. I took the liberty to photographically enhance the eery energy I feel when focusing on them.

In this tree trunk, they are counterpointed against a very handsome Greenman – lower right in the photo and at the bottom of this blog. The Greenman is in a contemplative but open-eyed consciousness, looking up and over a nearby stream. I presented him in the natural light of the scene.

It’s Your Personal Choice

Greenman of Ryerson

This old tree is near an isolated pioneer-era cottage. I can see its occupants standing by this tree, long ago, contemplating good times and bad, and pondering what actions are needed to survive and thrive. The universe was offering him/her various energetic options. Those energetic options became embedded in the tree and are still living there.

Today, if a visitor chooses to focus on the higher energies of a space – you will be visiting with the Greenman in this tree tableau. If you are feeling morose and disheartened – the darker energies will come forward.

The energetic story is – It is your free will choice as to what energies you associate with.  Consciousness is what makes the difference in what you relate to. Shift your own consciousness, and everything changes – the light, the options, the inspiration. You relate to different forces that co-habitate the same space.

Here is the old pioneer home, in its setting (with solar panels installed by the Park District). On the right center, by the stream and next to a modern day path, is this tree.





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