Adapting to the Thorns

by | Plants, Flowers & Leaves


We’ve all been constantly adapting this past year. Our adjustments have often been complex…

…but they have produced their own kind of unexpected beauty…

A Thorny World

…like this miniscule tendril who adapted over and over, adjusting to where the universe placed it by moving about the sharp thorns of a woodland plant. The result is a woodland sculpture of ornate beauty. 

When we slow down – a situation this past year forced on many of us – and really, really look – then it is a marvel at how the will to survive brings its own style of beauty.

In order to survive, this small vine had to grow by winding its way around multiple obstacles. The beauty inherent in the journey itself are solidified for us all to admire.

Beauty comes in all sizes. Lovely to see the life’s journey of this small plant solidified in this 1″ wood sculpture, counterpointed against its environment’s new Spring green.


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