Protectors of the Forest Glen

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A kindly protector looks down at the small snowdrops that bloom at the base of this Northern Japanese Magnolia. (left)

Kind Spirit

Seen full face, his third eye is a heart-shaped portal. (right)

Face From Front


















He lives in a small forest glen area next to a stream and the exit route from Morton Arboretum.
magnolia tree

magnolia snowdrops and nature spirit


Also at the base is a birdwoman. You can see her bulging eyes, pointed beak and long hair. (below right)

Nature Spirit and snowdrops














Moss-Covered Back Side

Around the back – the North side of the tree – you find a larger moss covered feminine face, watching the exiting cars.

Magnolia Tree Spirit




Protector Outpost

And up high, facing East into the woods,  is a very tiny outpost for the protector. He absolutely insisted I photograph him and I obliged although not understanding why. But here, looking closely, is the reason; it is a mini-version of the protector, seen both side face and full face with a small version of his third eye portal.




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