Maestro of Tanglewood

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Maestro of Tanglewood

Trees, like  humans, are deeply affected by their environments – some more than others. This highly intelligent tree is part of the behind the scenes story of the evolution of the Tanglewood property in Massachusetts.

Tanglewood is one of the country’s premier outdoor music festivals and began in the 1930s through the vision of conductor Henry Kimball Hadley and the support of benefactor Gertrude Robinson Smith.

To the right you can see the tree’s image of the maestro Henry Hadley, his profile seen lower left.

Tanglewood Spirits Collage

Grounder of Dreams

The festival was moved to its current site in 1937, the same year Hadley died of cancer.

It is located on what was originally an estate that had been in use for centuries, including housing American author Nathaniel Hawthorne while he wrote House of the Seven Gables.

So there are a lot of very strong emotions and elevated dreams here. 

This tree was inspired by the dreams of Hadley and Smith and manifested and grounded in its own body their aspirational energy. The tree was a partner in the grounding of the dream. You can see, in my collage to left, how accurately the tree manifested the energies of the two founders.

I can imagine Hadley visiting this site, near the end of his life, and inspiring the very determined Gertrude Smith in her development of the festival. 

I can imagine Gertrude sitting on the low lying branch with Hadley on the ground beside her, looking out over what was to become the great lawn of the festival grounds. Below are long views of the tree.

Branch with Maestro Image

Low Lying Branch of Maestro Tree













Fir Trees and the Human Electrical System

Fir trees have much kinship with the human bodily electric system and a lot of energy workers will connect to firs to soothe their own energy. I can imagine the tree identifying with and supporting these founders’ dreams.

Trees will often manifest on their trunks and branches the stories in their environment that especially affect them. In this case, this exquisite fir tree manifested, in its solid trunk, an image of Gertrude and in one of its high branches, pointing towards the stage, a jutting aspirational profile of the conductor himself. 

Working with the trees on your own property or in a significant place such as a park benefits all parties. You are grounding an aspirational energy into earth’s energy field and it will benefit all who come to the area, and the energy of earth herself.


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