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Liesing rock spirit sculpture of two beings kissing and entwined trees with heart shaped knot

To the right of the Love Story Mural we have been exploring is a little alcove dedicated to the enduring love that weaves through our roots no matter what the externals look like.

This story takes place inside one of the canyons at Garden of the Gods, Illinois.

You see the core of this artistic story to the right. A young man and woman are permanently locked in a rock kiss. Between them grows the expression of their love – two pine trees, roots intertwined and forming a heart knot.

Soul Mates

Long view of liesing rock spirit sculpture of two beings kissing and entwined trees with heart shaped knot

In our human terms, we would say this scene explores a love story about two soul mates.

People often talk about wanting to meet their soul mate – they know that person is somewhere, they just don’t know where.

Two trees with entwined roots forming a heart

Soul mates are connected at their very roots of existence. The two are a couple from the point of creation and they always inwardly work together no matter what the outer circumstances appear to say. They are working on self-perfection as a team.

This is the underlying theme of the mural itself. The story is of the sacrifices made by the couple for the sake of spiritual growth. The Guardian is acknowledging, in the mural, the everlasting love of the woman for him, and the love experiences offered and sacrifices made in their journey.

In this situation, the male (the Guardian of Place) withdrew from inter-personal contact to pursue spiritual knowledge. This is a classic esoteric choice many have made, in the pursuit of the alluring knowledge that exists in other realms of existence. Having achieved his goal, the Guardian returned to tell their story in the images along this cliff.

A Gem of an Art Collection

We are almost finished exploring the remarkable living art collection in this gem of a rock canyon. These explorations remind me of the difference between exploring the exquisite, personally-assembled Frick Collection in NYC and exploring the collection of the Metropolitan Art Museum. 

In this canyon, one being’s art sensibilities have predominated throughout. It is the same style, in rock and tree. The guardian, in his artist’s cap, acknowledges his interest in art and he has explored it extensively. You can explore his works in the blogs listed below. Our final blog on this canyon will be tomorrow.

Previous blogs include: 

Mountain Spirits at the Garden of the Gods, Guardian of Place Tells His Story, Meet the Guardian of Place, and Sophistication in Rock Art.

You can also view a video I made of the Love Story several years ago.


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