Grandmothers Oversee the Canyon

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Many of you will never make it to Southern Illinois, so here is a view of this charming canyon area and the kindly Grandmothers who oversee the scene. We’ve been exploring this area in a number of recent blogs. If you were simply hiking through, not on the look out for Nature Spirit art, this is what you would see and feel

Left Side Entry


Left Entry

Should you enter from the left, you’d be traveling up and down beautiful stone paths built by the US Park Service. There are a lot of thin rock passages you’d have fun traveling through. Overseeing your final descent into the small canyon, you’d have the sense of a strong protective presence. That would be the Guardian of Place who has placed his energy there in this profile marker. Note his broad cheeks, long “ski jump” nose and artist’s cap. He is bearded. 



Entryway Steps





A Viewing Platform

The canyon trail is set down from the ridge line and the very active US Park Service has installed a broad viewing area cantilevered out from the sheer wall face. You can see the Love Story tableau on the left entry wall and some of the Grandmothers who are happily welcoming you to the area.




Chatting Grandmothers




Close Ups of the Grandmothers

Overseeing this area is a gathering of Grandmothers. They are a very tall, strong, welcoming presence. Children hiking through the area love to climb up into them and their many little alcoves, having great fun playing hide and seek.

The Grandmothers are all in good spirits, and are quite chatty. They want everyone passing through here to be a happy part of the family.




Valley View



A Peaceful Valley View

The Grandmothers look out into a peaceful valley still forested with trees for miles into the distance. On a calm summer day, the local birds can be seen circling or riding the air streams.









Leaving This Little World

Right Side Entry

When you exit from the right, head uphill on the trail and look back, you see this view. Overseeing the entry from this side is a very large turtle – you can see his head stretching out over the trail. The turtle represents the world, in Native American traditions. So this marks the others side of this very special little canyon world of nature beings.

Continuing Your Hike

And then you are on your way to the rest of your awe-inspiring hike through the magnificent nature spirit art museum we humans have named the Garden of the Gods….



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