Entry Trees Guard a Path

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Wolfman Guardian

Often the nature spirits will place specific energies inside an entry tree to an area, such as on a path through the forest. That is the situation here.

An Alert System

The entry tree is an alert system. It notifies the wooded area that outsiders are coming in. It seeks to establish the energy visitors should feel on their journey along the path. These energies vary according to circumstances – where the path is located, the kinds of people who frequent the path, and so on…

Entry Tree

This entry tree is at the start of a wooded section around a meandering walk that takes folks through woods and fields that surround a bog. The tree has a variety of energies in it.


There is a content cat sunning itself in the morning sun – just like the relaxed folk walking the path.

Contented Cat

Be Respectful!

And, at the base, a somewhat ominous Wolfman. (See top left photo)

The Wolfman is emerging from the tree, signifying he exists half in spirit and half in this dimension.

Peaceful Deer

This is a serious energy that is frightening to many folks. His intent is to make people behave when they walk through this area. He is an energy that says – if you have business here, enter. Otherwise, stay out.

He has set in place a thin wall of energy. If you decide to enter the area and move past him, the path is very pleasant. My feeling when approaching this area of Morton Arboretum – there a large dark bog in the middle – has always been very somber. This Wolfman embodies that energy.

This Wolfman is a guardian spirit who has chosen to anchor his energy in this tree. Should this tree be removed, he would simply move to another tree; he is not anchored to the tree, it is a marker that serves as his antenna. The cat and the deer are energies inherent to this particular tree. They are the gentle energies the Wolfman is protecting.


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