The Protector

This noble protector stands at the entry point to the residential area of my family’s vacation property in North Conway, New Hampshire. 

He watches over the comings and going of life forms who wander through the property. The main stabilizing energy at the base is a noble, smiling princely figure. Next to him is his familiar. I’ve never been able to exactly specify the energy of this companion figure. Sometimes I see a space man in space helmet other times a skier on skis or a cuddly big animal!

Friendly Lion

The men in my family are big guys, leonine in bearing, kind hearted, noble and natural leaders. I’d say I was prejudiced, but you can see the nature spirits have captured that energy in this powerful Bull Pine sentry tree! 

In the mid-distance photo to the right, above the Protector, you can see two friendly lions.

Friendly Lion

In this close up, left, you can see the lower lion – friendly, not threatening. But is this a human in lion headdress or a lion himself?

Bull Pine Long View

In the long view of this bull pine, you can see other life forms and lower right the path leading down the hill from the enclosure.


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