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As a trained art historian, it has always been my interest, when studying interdimensional art works, to understand the techniques being used, the cultural environment surrounding the artwork, what the artist was seeking to present, and the mastery level of the artist.

My Friend the Gnome

 I am also an inter-dimensional communicator. There are all levels of this craft as well. My skills are pretty basic in this vast subject area. I have chosen as my specialty a study of the images placed in trees and rocks by artists of other realms.

What do these images tell us about the societies that produced them? Just as with human art – are there many mediums, styles, artists seeking to convey different messages?

As an interdimensional communicator and energy worker of many decades, I also ask – how many different dimensions are at work here? Do the methods differ? What does the gross physical reality of these art works tell us about the complexity of our planet’s existence?

And, lastly – how can I meet these artists, converse with them, and understand more deeply exactly what I am looking at?

How did this all start for me? Can you do this as well?

We humans live in a multi-dimensional world without classifying it as such. We talk to our pets, our deceased loved ones, the angels, the plants in our yards. This is acceptable so long as we state to others that we are “imagining” that we are conversing. Like so many of us, I lived like this for many years, until a friendly gnome made his presence so clearly known that I had to accept and step over into another way of understanding.

I still, for many years after, was very careful how I framed my communications, for fear of the wrath of the unseeing. The cellular memory of persecutions runs deep in our human consciousness.

Moss Faery

Thanks to the scientific advances that have brought us digital cameras and digital photographic post-processing tools, I have assembled some twelve years of photographic studies of nature spirits. Through this reportorial activity, I have been able to bridge – somewhat – the separations that exist between our human realm and that of beings of other dimensions. Enough so that I can communicate at a basic level with beings portrayed and artists involved in the images I have been gifted to record.

There are many far more gifted than myself in each of these areas. I do so hope that my base, entry level work will inspire them to also come forward, and share.

This website is a riddle and an on-going conversation about our human existence, and potential participation, in a rich earth environment. The riddle: how many dimensions do we humans co-exist with? The conversation: Are the natural rules that govern their existence different from our human ones? The proof: visual records that we humans can see and grow to understand.


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