Love from the State Street Maple

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Heart on Joy Path

I love trees in all their many aspects, from their beauty to the warm nature spirits who make the trees their homes.

I’ve always lived places near arboretums – and even, in college, on designated arboretum land. Trees are my refuge and my joy.

Currently, I live near Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. They love trees and many of the experts there devote their entire lives to the care and propagation of trees.

This is one of their much loved State Street Maples – a hardy breed they developed themselves. In adulthood, as here, it is a gorgeous huge spreading maple and it is much admired by strollers along Joy Path.

This is a prominent and much loved maple tree at Morton Arboretum. It is a variant them themselves developed.

State Street Maple – Joy Path

The tree returns that love full fold, in so many ways – its beauty, strength, shade, foliage. When you walk by the tree, it emanates the love that comes from being well-loved.

Humans and nature spirits love to play around the tree. Here are a few of the tree’s resident nature spirits.

Above left: On the back side the tree has grown its own heart. A happy nature spirit looks out at Joy Path. And a very tiny timid nature spirit with its little claw is peaking out just under the loving heart.

A happy lovable dog is among the various nature spirits who make this stately maple tree their home. Morton Arboretum.

Below left: On the front side, facing strollers along the path, are a bevy of nature spirits. One seems ready to step out and greet you while a playful dog is looking left.

State Street Maple



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