Hermit of Sabino Canyon

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Hermit of Sabino Canyon

This Hermit lives along side the road that wends through Sabino Canyon, Arizona. He enjoys watching hikers pass by but is not interested in interacting with anyone. He is an elderly reclusive Watcher. He does have a companion – you can see him in the vertical image, a greyish specter.

When you are hiking in nature and you feel someone is watching you – they probably are! Every tree, plant and rock has its own spirit and depending upon the day may be interested or not in what is wandering through their territory.

Hermit and Dark Spirits

The hermit of Sabino Canyon is shown here with a specter who hangs out with him.

In general, though, the different realms – human and nature spirits – are separated into different frequencies, also called dimensions and realms. Each is absorbed in the day to day details of their own realm. Each is equally “real” and well-developed as a realm where all the components of an evolved society exist.

I enjoy hiking through nature and letting the nature spirits know that if anyone would like their photograph taken – I would be happy to oblige. This is a novelty to them. It is also a service, each to the other, to show that the universe is a much more complex place than most humans are aware of. As we humans grow and evolve, eventually we will understand how our actions affect other life forms co-existing in the same turf – and vice versa. This far distant time will hopefully bring about a great sense of community, responsibility and peace.

View at Canyon Bridge

On this walk, I was sauntering along a desert road and actively looking for life forms I might not have previously seen. This seems to have appealed to the hermit and he called me over to visit. It took a bit until I saw him in all his glory, as he had disguised himself nicely. 

We had a nice visit. He explained he was of the Viking lineage, a very old soul, and was done with the fighting and exploring and just wanted to rest and look. A specter – a ghost of the world of all those warriors who had crossed over into spirit – kept him quiet company.

Here is a section of road showing what the desert looks like in this stretch of Sabino Canyon. It is not his stretch – he asked me not to show his area, just in case anyone decided to explore from the photo.

The Hermit in His WorldAn artistic depiction of what the hermit’s world looks like when I enter into it.

And here is an artistic rendering I did of the look and feel of his world, when I shifted my perceptions to enter his dimensions.

Hermit of Sabino – Texture


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