Grandfather Honors the Many Personalities of His Rock Family

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Grandfather presides over his rock family, strewn down a mountain hillside in Estes Park, Colorado.

Grandfather Rock

I first met him twenty years ago, at a time when I needed inner support. He lovingly welcomed me into his rock family and we have been friends ever since. 

Grandfather is an 8′ tall granite boulder with a bird-like beak. Each of his rock family members have their own unique personality – grandfather believes in life forms following their own personal paths in full freedom of expression. There are the collective family of smaller rocks – the stabile life forms of any community – and there are the standout stars. While each rock in the family is unique, they all blend together in harmony of community.

Below is a view from partway up the hill towards the top rocks where Grandfather and Grandmother exist.

When I first met Grandfather, I was moving through some major life transitions and uncertain how to proceed. I sat in that dark cubby you see to the right, under his watchful eye, and entered into meditation. Grandfather invited me into his inner family home and I sat surrounded and safe among this diverse family. They invited me to return to visit, from wherever I am, and I have often taken them up on this. They are my extended “Mountain High” family. They are – home.

Rock Strew | Estes Park CO

Grandfather holds the high point on the mountain group. Just below him and to the right is Grandmother. Grandmother is very much the crone – stoic, patient and nurturing. She is babysitting a grandchild – a very playful porpoise-like youngster to the left of the image.

Children love to play among the rocks and each year I’ve visited, their forts have changed in design and location. One year they built over Grandmother. I was shocked at their disrespect and asked Grandmother how she felt about this. Like a true loving Grandmother with grandkids scrambling about her feet, she responded that she rather enjoyed the change and all the joyful energy the children brought. I realized then that while the children played, she was flooding their little energies with the love of nature for humans, something the children will long remember after they are grown….

Strewn below this couple are the members of their community. You can see some of them below. I have written about various members in other blogs. They are each well developed beings with their own unique perspective.

Over the centuries, this community has seen various uses. It has been a sacred gathering ground for native peoples and there is a large flat rock that served as an altar. Today it is part of the property belonging to the YMCA of the Rockies – a popular vacation and conference site.

Grandmother Rock

Below are some other members of Grandfather’s family.

Elephant Spirit CO

The large-eared elephant rock is part of a family complex of rocks strewn along a mountain hillside in Estes Park, CO. You can read more about elephant spirit in my blog on world-wide Elephant Strength

Bully and His Wife

Little Warrior

A stoic little warrior – brave even though small in size. He reminds me of the little fellow who accompanies the large heroes of a story – a side kick, brave though small and the one who often saves the day for his larger cohorts due to his pragmatic and crafty courage.

A grumpy old man and his much-abused wife. You can read about them in my blog Bully and His Wife 

altar at Estes Park


This flat rock still has the energy of ancient harvest ceremonials. Today it is a gathering spot for youth. A counselor has built a fire stash in preparation for the evening’s ceremony.

Several visits and many years later, I knew I would not be returning as often to physically visit with my stone family. I stood in meditation, connecting with them in love and gratitude. When I came out of meditation, I felt compelled to look down at the ground by my feet – and found their physical response to me: a lichen-covered rock heart. It is an image I treasure.

Love from the Woods


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