Rock Spirit Stability in Times of Stress

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It helps, in times like these, to identify with life forms who have been around a very long time…and have survived. For me, rock and tree spirits have always proven to be my stable place holders. Rock spirit is especially useful when I have to just dig in, stay stable and ride out a storm. That’s where we as a civilization are right now. We all have to get to the other side of this pandemic storm…and stay as stable as possible while doing so.

Sunrise in Acadia

Rock consciousness has been present since earth’s beginnings. It has seen many transformations and its very origins are a lesson. Some were formed through intense fire that melted and molded them; others through millions of years of pressure. They’ve seen storms, earthquakes, gentle rain, soft and intense sun. They’ve endured being cracked, split, worn away by wind…and it has only made them more beautiful and more unique…and very peacefully, non-interferingly wise.

Sitting With a Stone

I love to sit with rocks and absorb their story, their strength, their message. During this time when most of us are indoors – and others of us are on the front lines of disaster – it can prove very comforting to sit with a stone.

If you are a rock collector – pick a different one of your stones each day, sit with it and absorb its qualities and its story. Or go outside your home, ask nature to find you a stone to talk with and when it “pops” – take it to sit with. It could be as tiny as a pebble…or very much bigger.

You can also focus on a photo of a rock – one that inspires you – from a small specimen to a mighty mountain.

Seen above is an inspiring rock cliff. It is located on the Maine Coast, in Acadia National Park. There is so much to absorb and learn here. You can sit with this cliff in so many ways. There is the change of color between where the rising sun has turned the rocks red to the blue-grey of the rocks still in shadow. There is the cracked nature of the cliff. Some parts stay strong. Others have fallen off. Yet the disappearance of parts, caused by issues beyond the cliff’s control, is what has given it character. Each area we study has its own story to tell…just like us, weathering our own storms. 

Multiple Layers of Personality

Rock Spirits in Acadia

And then there are the multiple images this cliff spirit, and other nature spirits, have generated – some of which are recognizable to our human sight. There are a multitude of energies visible here. How many can you see, and how does each energy differ from the other? This is another aspect of this cliff’s story.

It never ceases to amaze me how life forms beyond our human understanding can work with these ancient, solid materials to express ideas, as though the stone was butter they are moving about. How other lifeforms ARE the object, and over millennia shape themselves to express who they are or what they have seen or what type of energy they embody.

Just like humans – rocks have many aspects to their character. While humans have multiple personality layers that they learn to reveal or hide, rocks have a solid, limited canvas. As they only have so much physical space , they often create very sophisticated images that slide into each other. Looking at a rock from a different point of view will often cause you to see an entirely different image and energy. 

I had a wonderful time sitting on this extended seaside cliff area one morning, from sunrise to midday. The solid beauty and variation of the rocks, the sound of the ocean waves, the changing light – it was peaceful and fulfilling to all the senses and I simply sat. 

The Mayan Connection

Eventually, as the rocks awoke to the dawning day, they began calling out to me. They had connected to me and my own personal mission, which is to photograph the nature spirits and thus document their sentient nature. They became quite insistent that I make my way to look down this alcove and connect to an energy down below. I finally moved – and found these wonderful Mayan head and skull images. This area of the Maine coast has a number of images connected to the ancient cosmic Mayan lineage – which I am connected to and protected by – and they wanted the energy documented. This area is part of an extensive grid of energy lines (some refer to them as ley lines) that has grounded the Mayan knowledge and kept it accessible to any who wish to connect. This viewing also let me understand why this particular area was so soothing to my soul.

So, this is a sharing on a personal level of just a part of the experiences of that morning…and how sitting can be so fulfilling. In a time when many of us are being “forced” to sit due to home isolation…it is a practice you might want to explore.


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