Council Tree in Mann’s Choice, Pennsylvania

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Council Tree of Manns Choice

A Council Tree is a courthouse tree where nature spirits bring issues to be arbitrated by a council of nature spirit elders. The Council Tree is usually surrounded by an open area on at least one side where nature spirits of various types will gather, as the audience. The audience is waiting to hear the petition of various nature spirits regarding such issues as rights and responsibilities, including claims of negligence of duty.

Deer Spirit















If you encounter a Council Tree on a walk, you will note a weighty silence about it. This is similar to what you would hear in a human judicial court that is not in session. There are frequently many types of beings sculpted into the tree. They could be guards, or sculptures of various judges of the court.



Wise One on Guard

Deer Spirit Close Up

This Council Tree exists in a private residential area in the farmland surrounding Manns Choice, Pennsylvania. It has its own island, on a dirt road through the enclave that splits to wind around the tree then unites to continue on. The tree energy was strong enough to generate its own protection, when the road was being developed.

You can see the various spirits who watch over the court – a peaceful ornate deer-like creature with long tusks or horns, a sharp-eyed Grandmother, a horned guard for one of the several portal openings on the tree, and a welcoming figure at the tree base.

Portal Guardian Manns Choice


Guard on Duty


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