Anatomy of an Alpha Tree

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Tree Spirit Collage

This Alpha Tree is the leader of the trees at Wheeler Park, Geneva, Illinois. He commands the highest point in the park and is formed of four cottonwood trees clustered together as one unit.

Around the tree’s base are earth portals formed from its root system and relating to three aspects of the humans whose activities have so affected life in the community park. There are eyes, a heart, and a base chakra form. I’ve overlaid them on the tree. 

Cottonwood trees have heart-shaped leaves that rustle in the wind; it is said by Native Americans that they carry our prayers to the Great Spirit.

Sunset at the Alpha Tree

Once, long ago, this was virgin forest inhabited by Native American nations and bordering the then-sacred Fox River.

Below is an early 1900s photo of the quarry at what is now Wheeler Park, Geneva, IL. Courtesy of the Geneva History Museum.

Wheeler Park 1903 Courtesy of the Geneva History Museum

As white settlers moved into the area, various industries developed and the area became known nationally for its milk production, windmill manufacturing…and quarrying of stone for building supplies.

Wheeler Park was once a quarry stripped of all remnants of forest. Eventually the stone played out or encountered residential boundaries and by 1950 the last of its 53 acres had been deeded to the town.

The town filled in and renovated the area, setting up a scenic park and a mini-golf course, tennis courts and senior center. The town worked in tandem with nature, creating a site of natural beauty.

So…how did nature respond? I currently live in this area and for the past fifteen years have enjoyed walking here and visiting with the nature spirits. They’ve shown me many of their secrets, and how hard they work to cooperate with humans to evolve a more perfect union of the worlds.

Greenman of Geneva

My favorite Greenman lives here and I’ve written about him often, including in my blog on Greenmen Personalities.

A wonderful, loving Grandmother tree lives here – you can read about her in my blog on Harmonizing Energies | The Nature Spirits Step In

Bird Who Swallowed a Frog

Grandmother houses many spirits including a light-heartedly profound root ensemble where a duck has as its eye one of its food delicacies – a frog. This ensemble – holding together natural competitors to create a peaceful union – is a way the nature spirits are working to bring harmony and community between competing energies. This includes humans and nature.

At one time, when I taught classes, I enjoyed taking esoterically-minded folks on a visit to the Alpha Tree. I’d show them how to sit in the heart portal. It is just the size of an average tush and when sitting looking out, the flower at the top of the heart fits the base of the human spine. A great rush of earth energy comes up from this heart portal and it is relatively easy to travel deep into the peace and love of the nature realms.

.During the fifteen years I’ve been walking in this park, I’ve seen a lot of changes. When I started, the park was relatively unused and the alpha tree presided over a peaceful sweep of lawn.

Heart Chakra | Alpha Tree

Eyes | Alpha Tree

Lightning Strikes | Alpha Tree














A number of years ago, the town began installation of a frisbee (disc) golf course and placed a lunch table, a basket and a tee on this hill. This was quite a shock for the alpha tree. I personally was deeply saddened at the lack of respect the architects had shown for the tree. 

Frisbee Golf at the Alpha Tree

But the tree itself gradually adapted. It’s first change occurred when lightning struck the tree, running down several of its trunks into the ground and shattering pieces of bark all around the base.

This event changed the energy of the tree itself. In Native American traditions, a lightning struck tree is a powerful shamanic instrument. It has great value as a point of transformation and healing.

It was some time after this occurrence that I noticed a marked change in the energy of the tree. Like all of us, humans and nature – if we survive a sudden act of transformation, we grow in wisdom and knowledge.

The tree’s energy has the sadness of experience but gone is its previous esoteric aloofness, replaced by an emotional understanding and compassion. He now energetically interacts and blesses those who play at this disc golf hole.

The 18-hole course takes the player throughout the park, enjoying many parts of its terrain. The entire park, presided over by this alpha tree, is changing its energy. It now hosts young people – especially guys – who are enjoying nature and having good healthy fun with friends.

The Alpha Tree adapted to its area’s changes and still leads. The nature spirits are achieving one of their goals: uniting humans and nature in peaceful, cooperative ways.


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