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The Vision Quest area of Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, called to me many years ago, when access was by a lightly marked path up a small incline. I followed the unvoiced instructions and ended in a spectacularly powerful area that I immediately knew, even though it was my first visit in this lifetime.

Vision Quest Site

The spirit guardians of this site were old friends from a lifetime long ago. Whenever I am in the area, I visit this locale and spend some time communing with them. These photos are revelations of themselves that they have shared, over many years of visits. 

To the right is a view of the site. Notice the two cross-slabs at the top. I was told this is where the bravest of the young braves would go for their quest. Notice the long vertical slot canyon below – the vagina leading into Mother Earth’s inner existence. I was told this is where I went to quest, as did others.

Portal Guardian

Guardian from front

This is the entry boulder, left, that protects this area. Notice from the front it seems friendly but imposing and it is sphinx-like in its paws. Its eyes point down to the right, indicating the way in. But it is not an easily accessible area, and a casual hiker would choose elsewhere.

Spirit requested I travel a particular path in this area and it took me up and around many boulders deeper into a narrowing cliff structure until I reached its back wall. Spirit then asked me to turn around, sit down, and observe. They began telling me about this area – how it was a Vision Quest site for Native American nations over eons of time and that long ago I had quested there myself. 

The Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font

Once inside and looking out, the scene changes. Another aspect of the portal guardian boulder comes forward – that of a more serious, high-cheek-boned being who would protect the quester from outside view and sequester the person for introspective work. This is the same boulder – but a different aspect of its inherent character. At times, a small bowl on the top of the being’s head is filled with water which was available to the quester. On many occasions, on my visits, there would be water in the bowl – in the Babtismal Font where the quester could celebrate the successful end of his/her ritual observances.

The Shadow Self

On my most recent visit to the site, spirit asked me to sit quietly and observe the journey of the Shadow Self (e.g. the shadow side of our own existence). When it registered with me how significant the march was, which occurred as the shadow reached the guardian’s third eye, I shifted from simply enjoying to visually recording. The shadow being continued its steady move and finally traveled up the cliff, absorbed and transformed into the light of a sunlit smiling face. (See below.) Yet another aspect of the Vision Quest.

Transformation of the Shadow

Children love to play in this area – they are filled with spontaneous joy! The nature spirits love their play!

Human Fun

This is a complex site, and we’ll explore it and the nature spirits in other blogs. (Note: I call this a Vision Quest site…it is not an official park title.)

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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your beautiful sharing, this is very inspiring! I am drawn to the idea of doing a vision quest in Colorado, but I am actually living in Europe, and I have never been there. I am considering this being a call from the Spirit, but it is still an on-going process. Anyway, I am trying to figure from here how to organize this and where to go… Would you have any recommendation for places and/or guidance ? Thank you for any piece od information you could share with me!

    • Hi Yemanja. Colorado is definitely vision quest territory! As you are coming from Europe and want to do a vision quest, you might want to connect with some spiritual group that is aligned with your values. Once you land in Colorado, you are going to need to either rent a car or be part of a group that picks up at the airport. Some of the best areas for spiritual retreats are Boulder, Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods), and Estes Park which is an access point for the magnificent Rocky Mountain National Park. There is a large and reasonable venue – decent accommodations, food, and bus trips – at the YMCA of the Rockies/Estes Park. That’s all I can offer – I have mostly been there buying rocks at the September Denver Rock & Mineral Show or exhibiting at Yoga retreats at the YMCA, so I don’t know more than this. Best wishes – a lovely adventure! Atala

      • Thanks Atala. Blessings, love.


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