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Mother Nature Birthing a Bird

The tree spirits asked me to post this today, to show humans how Mother Nature is always there to support them.

This photo shows Mother as the Lady of the Forest, overseeing the comings and going of all in her domain, including the birthings and passings of beings.

Here she is, with her heart-shaped face, half in this world and half in spirit, rising up from inside the earth and birthing forth a baby bird. She wears a tall crown and long veil. 

The tree spirits ask me to remind you that when you are in need of comfort, of hope, of knowledge of your connection to the all – take a walk in nature. Perhaps find a tree – or brook, rock, plant, prairie – where you feel comfortable and safe. Sit or stand or lie down and just – merge. Return to your own personal roots and pull in strength from the earth herself. She is ready, willing and waiting for you to recognize the ancient strength from which you have emerged. 

You have it inherently inside your very being to pull strength from the universe you are a part of and from which you emerged. Go home. You are loved.


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