Lake Spirit Close Up

A handsome youthful rock guardian watches over Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. He has evergreens for hair and mustache. He is wearing a hood and has a prominent eye, nose and chin – “chiseled.”  In some views, as in the bottom photo, you can see the spirit’s familiar who lives on the back of the youth’s hood. 

I have visited this area every few years, on my trips to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. The road through the park starts in Estes Park, a scenic mountain town filled with amazing cliffs and gentle people. Bear Lake rests just inside the park, before you begin the ascent over the mountain range. 

Over 4 million people visit the park each year, admiring the scenery, and this appreciation positively affects the nature admired.

The rock spirits manifest themselves very strongly in this area and I’ve had many a conversation with these beings, as they sit for their photographic portraits. They are proud of the work they do inspiring and uplifting people – hikers and car tourists alike – along with their millennia of protection for the animals and plants of the area.

Spirit of Bear Lake

One of my favorite stops is Bear Lake. The Lake has very gentle energy and there are gentle hikes that take one around the perimeter and up into the hills. The energy the youthful guardian oversees is friendly and this brings that quality out in all the people who visit it. Visitors have many friendly chats on the walk, and lots of taking photos for each other at scenic locations.




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