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Lightning Portal

You have a strong ally for change when you encounter a tree who has been struck by lightning. These trees are known as transformation trees. If you are fortunate to come upon such a tree soon after it has been struck and there are bark or wood pieces scattered on the ground from this event – pick one up. It is a good tool to use for your own personal change – or if you are a practitioner, as a tool to work with your clients needing assistance with change.

Snake Head Portal

Here are two trees in close proximity, each struck by lightning. They create a transformation portal. There is an energy sheath between the two. If you choose to walk through this portal consciously, you can use it to drop old issues and refresh your energy. If you are unaware of this opportunity, and just happen to wander between the two trees, you simply get a nice refreshing energy sweeping across you.

Portal Guardian

Where lightning strikes, a wound opens up the tree’s energy field. This results in a flow of energy between the tree and the outer world that needs to be regulated. While protection from spirit is immediate, gradually the energy of a guardian for this portal will manifest itself. Shown here are the guardians for each of the lightning portals.

Above right is the snake guardian that arrived to protect the portal in the left tree. To the left is a mustached and bearded nature spirit and, around him, the larger head of a dog-like spirit. They protect the right side tree’s portal.

These trees live at the Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, Illinois.



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