Lady of the Forest and the Rodent King

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Lady of the Forest IL

The Ladies of the Forest are a special category of nature spirits who oversee the comings and goings of all life in their area/domain. This bird lady has been teasing me for several years, telling me to come find her, but when I stand in front of the tree – she eludes me! This time I found the right frequency and she appeared for me to photograph.

Nature spirits are all around us – they are the energies that keep their world of nature organized and at peace. But for us to see them – we have to learn to identify with their other-dimension frequencies. There are beings who resonate with each of us, and these are more easily seen by different people. It really helps for you to photograph and collecting these images. You can understand more about who you personally resonate with.

This Lady has a bird feather crown (like a cardinal), a face with a pronounced bird beak. She is wearing a long cloak and is standing on a collection of nature spirits, including a very handsome masked elf, a nature spirit crone, and various other faces that are parts of each other. This artistic symbolism reminds me of images of Kuan Yin standing on clouds, ocean or dragon; it is the same concept.

This tree lives on what was once a long-time convent retirement community and like many of the images here there is the energy of a contemplative, nature-loving nun about her as well. She looks like she could as easily be wearing a nun’s cowl and ornate breast covering as a bird’s fancy head and breast feathers.

King of the Rodents

As in any mature tree who chooses, or is chosen, to have energetic images – this tree also has interesting ones. It is always good to carefully walk around such a tree, looking high and low, and see what else the tree wants to say.

If you look at the lower right back of the trunk, you will see a large burl. Moving around it, I discovered another distinct image. Again, this image had enticed me and eluded me for several years; this winter I finally saw it. This is the King of the Rodents. He is frowning and in a bad mood. He has elaborate armor that frames his face – a typical nature spirit world armor but fancier than ordinary warriors. He has very large ears and a familiar – seen side view on the right of his face – who is a rodent. 

I suspect the King has had to deal with caretakers of the buildings putting out poison for rodents, resulting in members of his domain dying painfully, and he is in warrior mode attempting to rectify the situation. Also, birds and rodents are often competitors and the overlighting deva of the area, and this tree spirit, may be holding them together to balance out the energies. Balance in nature is a major theme.

This grouping lives at the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve in St. Charles, IL



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