Happiness – A Wound Well-Tended To

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Magnolia Smile Close Up

Cheers to you from a very happy magnolia spirit! 

I have on a number of occasions found huge smiles on trees where a limb has been clean cut. Wouldn’t you think that strange? Part of a life form has been cut off and it results in a smile?

The trees tell me they are so happy because a human cared enough about them to clean up a bad situation that could have devolved into decay setting into the trunk!

Magnolia Smile

Wounds to an energy field – tree or human – become entry points into a grid’s integrity. They are points that need to be dealt with. In a human, they are where outside influences can affect emotions and health. In a tree, they can reveal the internal character and affect health. They can also serve as a portal into the tree’s world, or into another realm, which is why you will almost always find a guardian watching over the “wound”. 

Trees are so much like humans…happy to dowse with vitamins and good thoughts, but when something bad happens on the physical plane…it is very good to go to a surgeon!

For this magnolia tree, treatment of the situation was a happy experience. This fellow lives at the Morton Arboretum, where it is their lifework to take care of trees.


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