Guardian of the Redwood Portal

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Redwoods Guardian

This is a redwood portal guardian.

One of the fun activities I have when out on a walk is getting to know the various tree portal guardians.

Openings in trees are potential entry points into the world of trees. These gateways always have a guard whose job it is to activate the energy portal at the proper time and to keep it shut tight at the proper time. Only those with access rights to that world are allowed to enter. 

This redwood opening is taller than an human and hikers sometimes like to climb inside the opening. Not to worry if you want to do this – the guardian finds it fun and is sure to keep the energetic doorway shut. You will safely remain inside the human dimensions!

However…if you would like to explore the tree spirit realms – this is an access point – a doorway, not a wall. If you energetically connect with the guardian and he sees your authentic intent – he might give you a glimpse or even grant entry…

I like the ornate nose on this guardian. His one eye signals he is a gateway between matter and spirit (one eye in either realm). A small standing cat hides inside the guardian’s cloak, lower right.

I took a number of photos of the redwoods during some years-ago visits with my older son who then lived in San Francisco. At that time I was new to both photography and nature spirit photography so my photos are not the best quality. And I could feel the energies but not see them.

However, the digital cameras are wonderful friends and recorders; they capture what is there even if you cannot see it. When going back and looking at your images, you will often see what it is you were feeling. 

The redwood spirits are different in look from the East Coast tree spirits. The West Coast Redwood spirits remind me of the Tlingit art – the art of the Totem pole nations. These nations identified with their nature spirits and translated it into distinctive art. You can see traces of that in this Guardian portrait.


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