Go No Further!

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Tome Ishi – Please Stay Out

So simple, polite, and definite – this tied rock is a Japanese folk symbol for “Stop – Go No Further!”

This rock lives at the entryway to the Zen Garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. 


There’s a blessing in all situations and I must say this sequestering period has proven fun for me, in its own weird way. It’s a time when so many of us have had to say – stop! And just look at where we are, in our own private living spaces. We’ve had to redefine space and relationships.

This period also coincides with my own Stop! On January 1, I retire and pass on Crystal Life to longtime, much-loved, extremely capable staff who will be the new owners.

Sequestering and retirement plans mean I get to enjoy photography – and have the necessary time/space while sequestering to do so! I am growing my new online art gallery, atalatoy.com  

There is a “rest of the story” for most of my photos and my goal is writing that story – one blog a day for a year. I started last May and have been…pretty good about it ever since! If some of my social media friends have a reallllllly long memory – you may see a photo here and there you’ve seen before, from “back in the old days” at the old space. They need retelling when they move!

To purchase this image, click on the photo – it takes right to that photo’s full-size page.


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