Elegy for a “Song Bird”

by | Honoring Animals

Descending Hand

This unusual tree portal features a pointing hand  and a guardian spirit. Is the guardian a man or the underside of a bird, showing claws and tail? 

The tree, now outwardly dead, lives on a preserve that once housed a convent. It is on the edge of a path leading down to the gently flowing, anciently-revered Fox River in Northern Illinois. 

This is a witness tree and a memorial. I recognize it, and it acknowledges me. But I am told it is not a portal for me to explore or enter into.

When I ask what it is for, I always receive the image of a violent act that occurred here and which nature is seeking to rectify, to return the area to balance. 

Chicago mob boss Al Capone lived nearby and was a big donor to the convent – seeking to buy his way into heaven? This portal has something to do with that energy.

I get the inner message that this is nature seeking to balance out the murder of some mobster who “sang like a bird” to the wrong people, was “fingered” for elimination – and buried nearby! 

This portal is a gateway into another dimension and while I find it intriguing, I also find it a bit frightening. So I have, over the years, been delighted to observe, honor, and not seek to enter into some energy place I might not want to be!

The guardians are doing their duty – keeping out those who are not to enter, enticing in those who need to go through.

Interdimensional cooperation works like that. You need to apply wisdom to what you discover and be grateful for the presence of guards who prevent you from getting into trouble!

In situations like this, nature is working to rectify a situation. When the tree finally decays…the energy has been corrected.

This intriguing tree can be found at the Tekawitha Woods Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL.


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