Which Version of Creation Do You Resonate With?

by | Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry at its purest level is a graph that depicts actions occurring at the level of light, behind solid physical form. Each part has significance. Change one piece – and you change the energy of the whole. 

Creation Mandala | Classic

Creation Mandala | Classic No Dot Center














These two mandalas are the same except for one item: the dot in the middle. This dot changes the ultimate significance of the mandala. 

With the dot – it graphs creation emerging from the fullness of the unmanifest source. Go through that dot and you move into the unmanifest, all loving, protective source.

Without the dot – it graphs creation emerging from non-existence – the void. 

Workshop participants meditated on these two mandalas, and then described which one they preferred and why. The group was pretty evenly split as to which each preferred. Those who liked it with the dot felt the mandala energy was protective, secure, reassuring, active. Those who preferred the image without the dot found the star tetrahedron was pulsating with energy, that it was liberating and freeing.

This is an experiment you can try for yourself. It will teach you a bit more about your own core philosophy – and help energize yourself as well.

The other parts of the mandala are classically specific in meaning. A simple description of this is: The core is the star tetrahedron – the depiction of balanced polarities. It is in a circle, inside two more circles containing lotus petals. This means the energy is ever-expanding (circles) and has a very high frequency (number of petals). We want to hold this expansion in place, to examine and work with the form (the square). But we don’t want to be trapped in the square, hence there is a door in each direction that we can enter and exit through.

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