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This is a fun blog about learning to work with all the digital tools available to us. Adobe Photoshop 2021 has introduced a very nice new tool that makes a landscape photographer’s life a lot easier. It’s a sky replacement tool and I must say it works very well. I had fun trying it out on some oak tree branches I photographed last week.

I’d like to see which version you like best; let me know in the comments area!

Tree Branches | Sunset Sky

And a shout out to my photographer friends – look at the fun you can have. Definitely a COVID era stay-at-home playtime activity!

There are a lot of free skies available to try this with. You now have a place to work with all the great skies you’ve shot and didn’t know what to do with. You can even import a non-sky background and the program will work with it.

The top image is a gorgeous sunset I imported. I love how the program picks up on the sky color throughout the rest of the photo – notice how warm the color of the tree branches are.

Tree Branches with Clouds

The second photograph down is what the camera actually saw. There were lots of clouds with a bit of winter blue peaking through.

Winter Sky

The third photograph I replaced with a plain sky I desaturated to winter blue – it lets the forms of the tree branches really stand out as the feature.

The final image is a watercolor of a cosmic scene. The trees and watercolor work together nicely to create a mystic scene.

Tree Branches with Night Sky

Wishing all a play-safe, stay-safe COVID situation.


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