Crabapple Tree Humor

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Roadside Heart

Crabapple trees are an emotional species. In general, they have a good sense of humor, are sometimes verrry dramatic and can be jealous. The Nature Spirits associated with them are likewise.

Here is a crabapple tree diorama found along the stable road at my sister-in-law’s home. He is bemused, and commenting, on the immense amount of love and attention accorded the horses by the owner and her friends. This is the road that for many years horse and rider – so happy to be having fun together – are heading out for a trail ride.

The tree spirit images are right and the diagram of the tree is below. The tree images are lower than the humans on horses, and so look up at them.

Heart Diagram

At the top of the diorama is a large, open and very beautiful “bleeding heart” (see the bark blood dripping down) that serves also as a mouth. Above the heart are “googly” eyes looking up at the horses and riders. I can just hear the grumpy nature spirit commenting “Oh my goodness! Will you just look at the love oozing from this giddy twosome!”

Below the heart, facing right (the direction the horse and rider are happily heading out), is the second part of the diorama. This is one of those dual images trees create. The lower set of eyes goes with the nature spirit – an old man with a beard looking down into the earth. The upper set of eyes belong to the horse head/familiar. This head is well placed, looking forward proudly and with youthful energy.

So the nature spirit is dramatically partaking in the happiness of this piece of land, where the humans clearly love their horses. A bit too much for the “grumpy old man” nature spirit – who is demonstrating a bit of jealousy about the situation (he wants some attention as well). But he also loves and honors the horses which is seen by the horse image familiar on his head.


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