Angels Watch Over Us All

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We hear how each of us has an angel, who watches over us and is willing to communicate with us, if we let them.

Protective Angel

It is touching to me that I have come across some tree images showing that angels are watching over all our lives on earth – big or small, human, animal and nature spirits.

In the three situations shown here, the angels are guarding energetic portals that are positioned to welcome certain species back into spirit once their time on earth has come to a close. 

At a sorely difficult time such as we are now experiencing, the angels requested I share these three images of angels going about their humble, everyday work of caring. 

Guardian Angel in Tree

I was asked to share this to show those who are asking that indeed angels are real, they are always with us – just ask them to openly communicate with you (they have to do it secretly right now for so many).

What also strikes me about these images is how artists, who seek to interpret what they experience, often develop styles that I see in nature spirit art. 

Top right is my latest discovery, located right nearby at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, Illinois in an area that was once a retirement convent. The angel is leaning over so caringly, welcoming several happy animals back into spirit through the portal that she guards. On her wing rests a happy round-faced nature spirit.  The angel’s positioning reminds me of Picasso’s Blue Boy construction – there are a lot of Picasso structure images in nature!

Left is an angel who formed out of the tree wood itself, and stands in a portal through which the energy of this very old very significant Council Tree is withdrawing into spirit. This angel is in New Hampshire and is a sweet classic angel image.

Bottom right is an angel watching over the birds of the area. The angel has taken the shape of a bird – angels are non-corporal and so can take any form that will relate well to their charge – bird, animal, human of any sex race culture. This angel also guards a portal back to the spirit world. This tree lives at Black Partridge Woods, Lemont, Illinois. These images remind me of ancient Egyptian art, where the subject is seen full frontal with head turned sideways or in full profile.

Guardian Angel for the Birds

If you have need of an angel, ask your own angel to come forward. You told them, many years ago, to stop making themselves present because society told that little child that angels don’t exist, grow up! They do, they love you, and they are for you.

If you have lost a loved one – human or pet – know that an angel was present at their leaving, and guided them back into spirit. The trees have shown you so!


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