Resolving Conflicts the Nature Spirit Way

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Elephant and Mouse

Here are three situations where higher level life forms have paired earth’s natural enemies so they learn to co-exist. In each case, while one side is the dominant image, the other side is inextricably connected.

These situations are holding together, and thus grounding, the higher reality that energies in conflict are actually united. Each of the three stories shown here speaks to a different aspect of this universal situation. 

These are energetic efforts to bring detachment to emotion-fraught situations. Fear – survival – these disturb the peace that underlies matter. 

Higher life forms are utilizing these trees as acupuncture points to anchor into the earth a grid of peace and detachment in the inevitable conflict between opposing needs. They do this in many ways including, as here, with humor, respect and gentle firmness.

These three stories are found in the scenic and peaceful Fox River Valley area of Illinois – a suburban/rural area about 50 miles straight west of Chicago. 

Heron and Lizard in Willow Tree

A spirit of gentle cooperation exists in this area and I credit a lot of this to the peaceful, strong nature of the nature spirits and other unseen higher life forms. 

Top right is a gentle story of an elephant and a mouse – not known to be friendly to each other. They are being held together in this tree, as they learn to live in harmony. You can see the elephant’s eye, tusk and trunk halfway up the tree. The mouse’s profile is in the lower area. The scene shows the mouse energy is actually within the elephant energy. This scene is interesting because it shows a very large animal who is often frightened by a very small animal.

Bird Who Swallowed a Frog








Mid left – this ancient willow tree holds together a heron (in the trunk top left) and an animal it eats to survive – the lizard (the white bark lower right). They are of equal size in the tree although not so in actual physical form. The heron is in the living tree and the lizard is in a dead part of the trunk.

This tree is being utilized to honor both sides of the energetic need to survive. It reminds me of how a Native American hunter will honor the spirit of the animal it is seeking to kill for food, for the sacrifice of its life that many others may live.

Lower right is the root of a cottonwood tree. Here the nature spirits are bringing humor into the situation. The root is in the shape of a duck’s head and its eye is a frog. The frog has been eaten – but his consciousness has become part of the aggressor and is, indeed, the duck’s vision. 

In each of these situations, life forms of other dimensions are grounding the truth that on a higher plane of consciousness – that which we are in conflict with is really a part of ourselves. At the higher levels of spirit – we are one.

In our current societal conflicts – may those with eyes, see and those with ears, hear and those with mouths, speak.


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