Up Close and Far Away | Bark Curves in Autumn

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Bark Curves

Some trees are just simply gorgeous and full of character whether up close or far away.

Up close – enjoy the intricate rich curves of this evergreen’s branches. 

This elaborate evergreen lives along the path at the Rim Rock National Recreational Trail in the Shawnee National Forest, Illinois. 

He is a memorable tree that is many peoples’ favorite, both to photograph and to sit with.

People remember him quite distinctly, and I have discussed his beauty with many who have visited this site.

This tree is rich in energy, which he loves to share with hikers along the trail.

At mid-distance his specific personality shows. See, below, the wonderful nature being spreading out his arms at the tree root level.

Rim Rock Spirit Tree

At the very bottom of this blog – enjoy viewing his entire magnificent length! 


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