The Whistler | Central Park

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This pudgy whistler is on a Central Park tree who, like all things New York, has attitude!

Uptown Preppy

The tree spirit is quite sophisticated, intelligent and gentle – locals love to stretch out beneath him on hot summer days. He resides in Strawberry Fields (of Beatles fame), the Central Park West area across from the Dakota (of John Lennon fame).

You can see the entire tree image below, with its many well-defined nature spirit images who surround a bearded musician playing a flute. 

On the side of the tree is this detailed image of an entitled youth. The presentation shows the nature spirits’ well developed sense of humor. The slightly arrogant, clueless fellow is symbolic of the nature of some of the humans who in the early 1900s called this area of Manhattan their home.

Like the rabbit and the nature spirits enjoying the musician’s music, this fellow is, too. He is whistling in accompaniment. His pudgy cheeks indicate an indulgent youth who has been brought up to feel entitled and better than others.  He feels very stylish in his beanie hat (a preppy college symbol in the early 1900s). He is wearing a tuxedo with a stiff white shirt and a bowtie.

This is a social statement by the tree spirit, who has paired him against the free-spirited long haired musician. It makes an amusing side note to the tableau.

Mystical Musicians





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