The Final Gathering for Grandmother Tree.

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Guardian Angel in Tree

It is always sad to witness the passing of a favored grandparent. This is no different in the nature spirit realm.

This grandmother tree is preparing to cross over and loved ones from many different nature communities are gathered to comfort, support and protect her.

Each of us has our own angel and grandmother’s is now visibly present – seen only because of the deterioration of the wood around her. She has emerged from the wood itself.

I have admired this tree since my youth, passing it on drives from our family’s summer home into town. It is the female half of a duo who have for generations of human occupancy stood staunch and responsible outside the home of one of the area’s elite pioneering families.

There is a mourning here but a celebration of love as well. Grandfather has already crossed over and grandmother is in the process of joining him. You see them below – they are the two grey elder trees in the middle of the glorious autumn colors.

Elder Tree in Fall

 Grandmother and the grandfather tree have been wise protector trees, guarding that property from strong winds of winter, shading on hot summer days. Many different nature spirits have made these two their homes or gathering spot.

Grandfather was a Council Tree – the judicial site where spirits of different realms would bring complaints to be resolved. You can read about him in my blog of yesterday – “What is a Council Tree?”

In the closeup below of the grandmother tree, you can see many of the spirits supporting her crossing. I’ve diagrammed some of the more prominent visages. But one could examine this tree for a long time and see other spirit images as well.

I’ve written often of how holes in trees can be portals to other worlds. An actual portal will have at least one portal guardian – a being who makes sure no one passes through unless authorized. They are like our human border guards. Here, as grandmother’s strength is ebbing, many spirits have assembled to protect her powerful portals into the nature realms. 

Angel in Tree

Angel in Tree Diagram























What astounds me is the presence of this small angel in the middle of one of the portal openings. She is a warm living wood nature-carving in an otherwise dying grey field of wood. She has emerged from the wood itself – there is no differentiation line. The only other warm wood is the hand of the main portal guardian who looks like he is holding her in his hand. The angel seems tiny and frightened, while the portal guardian and the snake maiden (the kundalini or life force energy) are guarding and protecting her on each side. Inside the portal where the angel rests are two small death faces, at the wait to claim their subject.

Around the series of portal openings going up this side of the tree are beings connected to the tree during her long life. Above is a frog spirit (this area has a lot of frog totem images), a delicate-featured hooded male and female elf on either side of the upper portal, and a hooded elf above them. There is a dwarf facing left.

Below the angel is, on one side, the snake head end of the kundalini energy and representatives from a number of different nature spirit communities served by these two trees.



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