Tree Spirit at Fabyan Preserve

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There are a lot of wonderful tree spirits at the Fabyan Forest Preserve, Geneva, Illinois.

Clown of Fabyan Preserve

Fabyan is an estate turned into a preserve and much loved by locals. The original owner, Colonel Fabyan, had a private research facility across the street. He pioneered modern cryptography and he and his scientists were instrumental in using this technology for essential code breaking during World War I. His facility also specialized in tuning forks and their resonant technology.

Windmill in Geneva

Colonel Fabyan’s home was re-designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The property also hosts what was once a working windmill and a Japanese Garden.

Given this environment, many of the nature spirits on this property are very august. A lot of the trees that are usually single trunk are double-trunk – like a tuning fork. There are Greenmen and e.t. tree images. Then, over in the woods, we find a bit of relief in this light-hearted tree clown. It’s always good to have a clown around!

Here are a few images from Fabyan Forest Preserve.

Japanese Garden in Fall

Greenman of Fabyan










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