Crossing Between Dimensions

by | Faery Realm | Elves, Greenmen, Pans

Protection Tree Elves

A hooded elf is emerging from a portal into our dimension, and checking that it is safe to do so.

This portal is in a honey locust tree that is a “Safe Place.” This particular tree is something like the safe houses in the Underground Railroad and something like the train station in the Harry Potter stories. It is a portal, or gateway, into another dimension.

This gateway is specifically for the Hooded Elves, of whom I am especially fond. Hooded elves are larger in size than humans. They have a bark-like/fur-like hood over the upper part of their face that is part of their biological configuration. They have pointed elf ears. They are one of the protector species of nature spirits, watching over the safety of nature spirits in general.

This is a complex image that, like many tree murals, has images emerging from images. Therefore, I have graphed it twice.

Crossing Over Diagram 1

There is a very large hooded elf, left, who serves as the lead energy for this piece of property. It is a she, and she protects this portal lovingly – see her heart-shaped mouth and the heart between her and the gateway. Above is a large cat – protective power. This is appropriate, as the honey locust is a symbol of beauty, tolerance and protection.

Crossing Over Diagram 2

In the other graphing I detail a lot of the tableau’s smaller images. Like all worlds, there are many types of hooded elves. So you see here a silly one and a serious one. The presence of humans is also recognized. There is an unimpressed figure lower left and upper right there is a slightly sad feminine face which is one side human and the other side an elf.

Crossing Dimensions Close Up

This locust tree is forked, which is a symbol of dualism. It also indicates, in the nature realm, a tree that serves as a “sling shot” by which one can travel through into other dimensions (aiming at a specific frequency, like a slingshot aims at a goal).

Now the thing is – this locust tree lives in my front yard. I look at this tree every day from my kitchen window, as I fix my morning coffee and my various meals. It’s where I take breaks from writing or working on photos on my computer. I enjoy this tree very much and have watched it change over the years I have lived here. 

I am in the initial steps of moving from this location and the Elf Elder has told me that when I leave, the tree’s existence as a portal will close. So this is a case in which human and nature are supporting each other and evolving together. The Elf Elder told me that the half human half elf girl image also with a heart for a mouth is their carving of myself and the hearts represent our love for each other. And it’s certainly true – I have one half of me in the human world and the other half wandering through various nature spirit dimensions. I do feel an inherent sadness that the enormous possibilities for earth if human and nature cooperated are still a long way in the future.

As an aside – I was brought up as an East Coast Quaker. My youth was filled with teachings about the equality of all life who all are part of the one universal source. I was brought up on tales of Quaker homes that served as Safe Spaces along the Underground Railroad. So it pleases me enormously that the nature spirits feel I am worthy of containing a Safe Space on my property.



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