The Moss Fairy | My Very First Nature Spirit Photo

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Moss Fairy Home

The shy moss fairy
Peaks out behind a root
Who is that giant
Sitting at his door

Moss Fairy Close Up

Dressed in a pink shirt and white pants, with dark tousled hair, this small moss fairy ran out as he heard me and the gnome come near. Now he peeks out to see who is visiting his village.

A gnome took me on a photo outing one day, and we visited this moss fairy deep in the New Hampshire woods. This is a close up photograph of the fairy and his home.

This was my first photographic outing for nature spirits. It was also my first time consciously communicating with the gnome who’d set up house at my summer cottage in New Hampshire. 

He wanted to befriend me, and thank me for such a nice residence the 50 weeks of the year I wasn’t visiting.

So he suggested we go on an outing to visit a beautiful village of moss fairies in my family’s woods. 

He took me through deep woods with no paths, until we arrived at this beautiful location. This is only one of a little village of mossy trees that were home to a group of moss fairies.

Can you see the shy moss fairy? he is top right, peeking at us from under a root.

Such a rare treat, and it set me on a path to master photography to do this topic justice!


  1. I can remember my first fairy photo . I was so excited that I wanted to show everyone . Now I can thank you Atala for creating the Facebook page to share my Nature Spirits / Fairy adventures .

    • Hi Shelly. Thanks for your comment. That first conscious connection with the fairy realm is something that truly affects so many people. It is so special. I’m happy you found our Facebook group, so you can share your journey with others who are also experiencers. Sharing helps us all!


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