Three Views of Grandma Dressed in Moss

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I’ve met some nature spirits who are so significant that I want to sit with them over and over….and over and over.

Grandmother in Moss

It’s like visiting with a special friend who you never tire of connecting with. There’s the comfort of familiarity. The deep connection at a soul level. The sense of wonder because they are always new while being always there. They have so many nuances to learn about.

Whether you are in their presence or just connecting with them inwardly, these special friends are always with you.

For me, one of the most permanent nature spirit friends is the Grandmother I met in Washington State. She is so large physically, and energetically, that I never feel I have quite captured the core of her essence. I go back to work on her portrait studies over and over…

Grandmother lives in a state park, very inconspicuously, facing the cars that drive in daily, always smiling, always offering her heart’s love and sustenance to the many different life forms who come by for a bit of peace and fun.

Here are three different studies I feel show her personality. I would love to hear which you prefer and why.

Grandmother WA

There is the realistic one – the way she looks physically. (Left)

Then there is the psychic one, where I show the golden love glow I feel in her presence. (Top right)

Lastly there is a black and white structural study, where I am showing most of her tree and the vast extension of her many branches = aspects and outreaches. 

Grandmother is all love, protection, cheerfulness, endurance.

She lives on the West Bank of Lake Crescent, about 18 miles west of Port Angeles, in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.

Grandmother | Full Tree Black & White


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