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A young elf warrior in a classic elf helmet watches over the desert outside Tucson, Arizona.

Elven Warrior

Many elf helmets have a simple archaic Greek-style nose guard. Like some of the other elf helmets, this one does not have cheek guards but does have a lower back side protecting the occipital spirit communication point. Like some helmets, there is a decoration on the top.

This elven guard watches over the desert in what is now the Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona.

Lion on Watch

A large relaxed beast watches the other direction (left). You can see the elven guard just below him to the right.

None of these guards look tense so it seems they are not too worried about any imminent dangers in their dimension.

View of Saguaro Hill

This is one of the only high spots in that area, and it would give the beings a good view for miles around. 

They live within a few miles of the Signal Hill petroglyphs, another solitary high point with a long desert view in all directions. It is said the ancient Hohokam warriors stood guard from that high point on the desert, and carved the many petroglyphs while on duty. You can see that high point, and the petroglyphs, in my blog “Petroglyphs of Signal Hill”

To the right is a view of the hill straight on – you can see the lion’s face full front.


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