Ghost Palace | Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon

by | Complex & Grand Stories

Shhh! Stand still and watch
The ghost town and its people
Rise up in the morning sun.
All too soon it disappears,
Back into its ephemeral world
Untainted by the corruptions
Of our midday earth.

Palace Complex | Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon


Ghost Palace | Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon

Like Brigadoon rising through the mist, this white walled town shimmers at dawn then disappears in the midday sun.

The colors here are subtle: purple in early dawn, gradually moving through salmon pinks to midday reds so intense they hide the town’s delicate details.

This ghostly rock complex is located at Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah.

It has a delicate, lacy beauty compared to the more robust HooDoo collections in other parts of the park. 

To me, this looks like a different interdimensional artist was at work, compared to the HooDoo collections in other areas of the vast Bryce Canyon complex.

These views are just after dawn, when the sun is starting its morning ascent.


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