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The catalpa tree helps us to express ourselves in all our uniqueness. It connects us to our spirit allies, from angels to fairies and ancestors.

catalpa blossom

Student and Guardian Angel

This catalpa tree lives at Swarthmore College – a top-ranked institution known for its ultra-liberal ideas. The campus is also the Scott Arboretum and the honoring and valuing of nature takes equal precedence with intellectual explorations. Swarthmore is my alma mater; the trees have always been my teachers. 

I enjoy returning to class reunions and spend at least as much time visiting with my tree friends as I do with my classmates. As I’ve become more knowledgeable about the society and spiritual workings of the natural world, my visits to campus have become filled with wonder at the intelligence and awareness of the plants and trees who support the college ideals.

This catalpa tree lives at the entrance to one of the living areas. It encapsulates so much about the energy of the campus.

I love the wild-haired student featured in its main burl – definitely unique and more interested in intellectual exploration than in cosmetic beauty! 

Above and to the student’s right is a well-defined portal. It leads – who knows where, for each person – and is surrounded by snake energy – the energy of the kundalini, personal growth and forbidden exploration.

Serpent Eye

Catalpa Angel









Catalpa Tree Long View









At the student’s feet rests a solid earth angel with powerful wings, protecting a small portal that will become the student’s entry to some very individual, but spirit protected, future.

I like to think the students at Swarthmore are protected by many beings of many realms as they learn, grow, and plan their futures.


  1. There are two old Catalpa trees in my neighborhood — They have burls, twists, lumps and are beautifully ancient

    • Wonderful, Azar. If you have any photos, and wish to share, head on over to my open Facebook group, Nature Beings Photo Gallery, and post them there…

  2. My bean tree called me to it this evening. Found your page and joined the group.

    • Wonderful! Welcome to a world in which trees speak, rocks sing…and cooperation between the realms can become a reality!


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