Reality as Seen from Different Perspectives

by | Nature's Beauty

How fluid is “reality”? How does what we see and experience differ by such subliminal factors as societal training, self-limiting of frequencies we choose to recognize, and from what and whose perspective we look at a situation?

Palm Frond Heart

Just for fun, and to demonstrate these principles, I altered a simple palm frond to demonstrate how easy it is to shift “reality” by simple perspective and color.

This same fluid adaptation is what enables some of us to see into other dimensions. Staying loose and open to possibilities is key in any discipline. 

To the right is the palm frond, showing its source – a heart-shaped central area from which the individual fronds expand out.

Variations on a Theme

Below are variations, focusing only on the radiating fronds.

This is how we all view matter – a portion of the original form, or spirit, as it expands into form.

These variations were altered in Photoshop. They are all the same exact slice of the image, but even that looks different in different colors.

Green – nature’s manifestation.

Blue – a celestial view created by desaturating the yellows and greens and increasing the blue then adding a rainbow texture.

Yellow/Brown – a look into a forest of tree trunks, created by desaturating the greens

Black and White – how some people see reality and make decisions – it is all absolutes, no wiggle room for nuances of color.

Palm Frond Black and White

Palm Frond Yellow

Palm Frond Green

Palm Frond Blue


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