The Greenmen and Greenwomen are the philosophers, teachers and warriors of the nature world. They have taught me much about the workings of the nature spirits. No matter where I go, when we meet, even for the first time, it is like visiting with old friends.

Greenman of Geneva Mystical

Greenman of Geneva, Illinois

The green people are affected by what is going on around them, just like we are. Their surroundings change them. For example, in Geneva, Illinois – my home and work area – I communicate frequently with a relaxed Greenman who resides in a black walnut tree in a local park about a half mile from my home.

At this point, we can communicate without my needing to go to the park to physically visit him. This is because of the way the Green People communicate. He explains the trees communicate via a frequency grid which transmits their messages. So he needs only to send the message along the grid from his home to mine.

Jamaican Greenman

Greenman of Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Here are some other Green People I’ve met on my journeys.

To the left is a Greenman who lives in a Poinciana tree in Jamaica, WI.

I was visiting with family down there. This tree, on the driveway entering the community, kept calling on me to come visit.

This Greenman has African features and his head is fully surrounded by elephant spirit. This is his “familiar” – his protector – and it calls forth all the power, strength and courage of this African animal.

There are some prominent Jamaican/African business people living in this area, and many Jamaican/African staff people pause under this shady tree as they walk back and forth from their jobs.

The Philosophers and Educators of the Woodland

The green people are the philosophers and educators of the woodland. They are also the protectors. They are a mature, gentle race who are relaxed but alert and ready to move into action when required.

Like most nature spirits, they exist in a different frequency range from our physical world. They work with the energies of their realm. These energies affect our physical human world, and should you choose to work with the Green People, you can create a very strong energy in an area.

The Green People Have Facial Armor

Green people are distinguished by their facial armor. Celtic images portray these as leaves that spread out from their face; in trees they are depicted as bark.

Greenman Plaque (Courtesy of Teresa Ceramics, Etsy)

Greenman of Ryerson



This facial armor, at peace, lies relaxed and laid back from the face. See the Greenman to the left. (He lives at Ryerson Woods, Illinois.) When they want to impress someone (perhaps a lady Green Person), they will puff out the armor – like a peacock fan – and it looks full and beautiful, as in Celtic depictions of the Greenman. See the plaque to the right.



Warrior Mode

Warrior Greenman

When they are in warrior mode, the armor comes forward even more and forms a protective shield around their face. See the Greenman to the right – he is depicted in warrior mode.




Elderly Greenman

Greenman Scholar










Green People age, but at a different rate than humans. In old age the facial armor becomes flaccid. Left below is an elderly Greenman.

(Both these Greenmen live in Conway, New Hampshire.)



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