Deer At Rest Among Friends | Rocky Mountain National Park

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I was visiting with some rock friends on a trip to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. I enjoy, after photographing and conversing with them, heading around to the back of the formation and meditating in a wonderful energizing shallow cave. It is very peaceful there. This time a mule deer beat me to it! He had no fear of me, and just watched peacefully as I photographed him. I let him have my spot!

Mule Deer at Rest

Rock Spirit

This is a very interesting rock formation that has taken on the image of the animals who have rested here for eons. Perhaps the images show the energy the formation is emitting of safety and being watched over. To the left is the view from the front. 

Below you can see how the images morph as you move around the rock formation.

To the left of the formation rests a nature spirit on watch.





To the right of the formation rests a nature spirit with elongated head. This head shape hearkens back to the original spirit guides of many Native American tribes – indeed, of cultures around the world (such as Egypt at the time of the Pharaoh Akhenaten) and reflect what people in various traditions believe is the influence of extra-terrestrials / gods / sky people founders.


Bear Rock








On the back of this spirit’s head rests a bear, a protective energy.

The formation is on a steep hill and looks out to a spectacular view of the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Vista



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