Butterfly Time

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It’s prime butterfly time! My favorite is the Monarch – it does well here in the Heartland, where its favorite food – milkweed – grows in profusion in natural prairie habitats.

Monarch Butterfly

Another favorite is the White Peacock Butterfly.

White Peacock Butterfly







Some people look at butterflies as their totem animal – the animal they most identify with energetically. Here’s a bit about this totem animal that we originally wrote about at my website, crystal-life.com, where we focus on esoteric information as well as gemstone specimens and jewelry:

The butterfly totem represents the many stages of life, transformation, shapeshifting, renewal, and rebirth. This insect has long been connected with the myths and lore of various world cultures and religions. Christians, Native Americans, and several Asian societies have shown respect for the butterfly and reference it in their stories and traditions.

The butterfly has also long been associated with the faerie realm. The yellow and black markings of this totem animal are especially connected to Archangel Auriel, the overseer of faeries and nature spirits, as he is represented by these colors. Those who connect with this totem should look for butterflies near areas where dimensions tend to cross over, such as bodies of water or fields of daffodil and iris.

Butterfly people should look to their totem as a way of recognizing their current transformative state. Connecting with this totem may signal one to examine the changes and challenges they’re facing, as well as seize opportunities to embrace the vibrancy of the world.

If you resonate with the Butterfly or have it as your animal totem, here are some stones whose energy can help you connect on a deeper level.

Crystals for Butterfly Totem

Labradorite – As a stone of transformation, the shimmer of labradorite reflects the dance and magic associated with the movement of the butterfly. This stone by providing strength as well as cleansing and centering your aura.
Smokey Citrine Tower

Citrine – Citrine is a stone of manifestation that transmutes negative energy into a protective environment. Its warm entry encourages creativity and joy, which are commonly associated with the butterfly.

Smokey citrine

Kunzite – Pure in energy, Kunzite is a stone that promotes inner reflection and self-love. This is helpful during states of transformation, especially for children.

Apophyllite – This high vibration stone helps raise your spirits and mental clarity by opening your third eye chakra. Use it to help with introspection and determining the best route through change.

We credit most of our information on Animal Spirits to two incredibly helpful guide books: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals by Dr. Steven Farmer, both of which are available for purchase on our website.


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