A Salute to the Redwood National Forest | Forest Fire

by | Dark Forces & Grumpy Beings

Lightning strikes in redwood forests occur over the centuries – the redwoods often adapt to individual strikes. But in recent years, with climate change, these strikes are sometimes during into devastating fires.

Redwood Spirit

Here are photos I took several years back, before the debilitating fires of the 2020s, showing some of the great trees of that time..

Three Friends

Walking through the Redwood National Forest has been an awe-filled experience for so many visitors from around the world. The stately grandeur of these ancient redwoods, towering so far up towards the heavens, filling the woods with a living, pulsing silence, is an an overwhelming experience.

These are nature spirits who inspired me…I pray they are well, or have transitioned embraced by spirit.

Many of the redwoods have suffered from forest fires over the centuries, which burned out parts of their trunks…but the trees survived and carried on. I hope many survived this natural tragedy as well. Here are photos of myself and my towering sons, dwarfed by the towering trees that recovered from past fire tragedies and became symbols of survival for us all…



Toys at Redwoods

Toy Boys at Redwoods


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