Troll Elder

”Be sure to photograph my nose,” the troll Wisewoman said.

Her long “nose” is the “door knocker” for portal entry into her troll community. To gain entry, you need to cause the nose to vibrate at the correct frequency and then enter in through the portal, located at her third eye. This is a psychic action, and not easy to do!

This is one of the most fully-developed portal guardian “images” I have come across to date. Its beauty, sophistication and complexity indicate a significant entry point into a highly developed dimension, or world.

This image also demonstrates how complex these nature spirit realms are, and how little we humans yet understand them. She was very insistent to me that she was a troll. This flies in the face of the traditional popular understanding of trolls being huge unintelligent life forms. Or that they are “cute” if you are of the Disney generation.

The Wisewoman troll is seen here full form. Like all trolls, her body proportions are different from the standard human ones. She is, by our terms, more “squat” than a human. Her body is covered with hair, very nicely smoothed down, and she has what looks like two pointed ears on the top of her head.

She is humble, her eyes cast down and to a human look sad. The nose is long and looks hollow, like a hollow log one strikes to generate a tone. These are all clues to the deep resonance one must generate, to gain entrance.

This troll guardian has entranced me for many years, and I keep returning to her, to fathom her secrets. She reveals her wisdom to me in layers, as I strive to comprehend her existence.

She has explained, on various visits, that her very prominent nose is a resonant device by which she travels and transforms matter for her inner earth community. 

When I asked her once why she looks sad, she replied, “Our troll existence is underground where it is dark, and this is what I am like – darkly quiet and thoughtful.”

This is an evolving story, for me, and I am pleased to share my findings, to date, with you.

Troll Wise Woman


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