This is a very significant nodal tree who lives in the heart of Manhattan.

Grand Experiment Vertical

This tree is “operated” by the devas – the higher nature spirits who oversee earth energy as a whole. There are devas for various functions of earth energy – for the many grids that form our solid looking earth. There are also devas for various physical territories. It’s sort of like our human world where we have dancers and legal judges operating in the same space.

This deva is one of the group overseeing the maintenance of order among dimensions occupying earth. She has fashioned an array of figures – close to the ground and up high in the trunk – that are anchor points for various energies. Some types of humans don’t figure very high in this grouping!

Shown here is, lower center left, a primitive rather dour humanoid with a small brain; this energy is low man on the totem pole. Bottom left is a nature spirit guard wearing a helmet with a nose guard – a typical warrior headdress of the nature spirit world. He is apparently necessary to control the humanoid.

Above the humanoid is the head of a great ape. A mentally-oriented wizard is emerging from the ape’s brain – an indicator of the evolution from ape of some humans. To the top right is a smiling, intelligent elf. Between these three images is a heart.

There is a different relationship between species/dimensions at the lower and higher levels of development.

This tree resides in Central Park, NYC. When I travel to New York, I try to visit with the tree. It endlessly fascinates me and each time I come to study it, I see more. I am also energetically refreshed. A good work of art is like that. This is a living masterpiece of art.

Grand Experiment

The tree stands at the connector point of three paths through Central Park and thousands of people walk by there each day. There are usually people lounging on the grass behind the tree, or tossing a frisbee. But I have never seen anyone stop and study the tree itself. 

There are many reasons why images are formed in trees. In this case, it was explained to me by spirit, the images were fashioned by the deva to recognize and anchor specific energies who are required to interdimensionally work with each other. They must do so in peace.

The tree itself is an anchor and a placeholder on an earth grid. As a combined unit, its existence is being utilized by the hierarchical nature realms to complete a task – the maintenance of a grid.

Elf and Ape



It is a different type of communication I am having when I visit with this tree. The images themselves are not actively connecting with me; it is the energy of the deva. This energy is detached in the classic sense of that term. It is compassionate, kindly, very strong and not attached to any actions around it. It loves all but is affected by none.

Elf Guard

When I connect to communicate, the response is cool to the energetic touch, highly intelligent and non-judgmental. It is always steadfast in acknowledging me. It is like greeting someone who is known to the tree and comes and goes, but is just a shadow in its long life and busy surroundings. 

I’ve photographed this tree in so many ways and worked processing the images many ways, seeking to do it justice. Here are two of my favorites of the entire tree – one I’ve textured so that the figures are central. The other is its natural setting. The other photos show the side facing figures more clearly. 



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