Orchid Faces | Part 2

by | Plants, Flowers & Leaves

Orchid blossoms have several levels of being.

White Orchids



Outer Beauty

There is the extraordinary outer beauty of the whole flower and blossom cascade.


Spirit of the Orchid

Then there is a second level of the orchid’s inner personality.



White Orchid Dancer

And the complexity of that personality, which within one very limited canvas can portray different feelings at different levels of connection.

Here are several orchids who are beautiful to look at – and also have distinct inner personalities.

Orchids love life and love to dance. There are some who like to be scarey (but they aren’t too serious about that!).

Yellow Orchid Dancers






Yellow Orchid Dancer











Maroon Orchid Spirits

Maroon Orchid Little Guy


Feeding the Baby Birds



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