Harmonizing Enemies | Nature Spirits Step In

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Sometimes Nature steps in to establish harmony in a situation where forces are in energetic opposition.

Bird Who Swallowed a Frog

The nature spirits along my home area stretch of the Fox River have worked hard to establish a spirit of peaceful cooperation deep in the land itself. They have anchored cooperation in the trees, rocks, water and earth. Sometimes they have manifested this energy in images.

The nature spirits led me to the following two situations within a relatively short time span. They explained they were holding natural enemies together as representatives of the whole. Fix the energy of a single situation – and it will help fix the consciousness of the whole. 

The Duck and the Frog

Ducks and frogs are natural enemies – the predator and the meal. Here, in a popular local park, in the root of a cottonwood tree, the nature spirits have grown an image of a duck whose eye is a frog. The frog is smiling and, as the duck’s eye, represents what the duck is seeing.

Here the spirits are working to lessen the fear of the smaller beings – those life forms including people who are at the mercy of the more aggressive and powerful life forms. The devas have committed to alleviating the power imbalance and to bringing respect and harmony into this naturally charged situation.

Heron and Lizard in Willow Tree

The cottonwood tree is a messenger tree. Its heart-shaped leaves flutter in the slightest breeze. It is said in traditional Native American lore that these fluttering heart leaves carry our messages and prayers to spirit. It is a sun tree. This image, in the root of a cottonwood tree, is sending a prayer to spirit.

The Heron and the Lizard

Herons and lizards are also natural enemies – also a predator and the meal. Here, in a willow tree that lives along the peaceful Fox River, nature spirits have fashioned the two enemies into a sculptural assemblage, held together and looking at each other.

The blue heron is upper left, his head folded into his wings, his eye staring at the lizard and his bill already open, ready for his next meal.

The lizard is in part of the willow trunk that split, fell over and is now bleached. The lizard is looking up at the heron and, like the frog, looks happy not afraid. 

The images are in a willow tree. Willow tree energy is soft, gentle, pliable, adaptive, psychic. It is another tree where people leave prayers. It has moon energy.

The nature spirits showed me, in both instances, that they are seeking to remove fear from the land itself. There is always someone larger who is a predator, but that should not become the defining energy of a situation. Be happy wherever you are.

These are scenarios showing how intimately connected predator and hunted are; they are a dance that takes place for survival throughout nature, and the only remedy is to acknowledge it in detachment and amusement, not in fear.

These nature sculptures are visual nodal points in a pervasive energy matrix that covers this Fox River Valley area of the Midwest. Nature is still strongly present here. Entertainment is still focused strongly on going out and enjoying nature. 

If you would like to share your own nature spirit photographs, head over to our community nature spirits group at Facebook.



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