Crystal Grids for Stress Management

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Creation Mandala – Antiqued

All life is formed of light. Light takes different forms before it descends into matter. Sacred Geometry forms are the coherent visual organization of light. The same core forms are seen in different cultures and times because they are consistent. They are what sensitives see when they look into spirit at different levels of focus.

In the Far East, going back to ancient Vedic times, these light structures are often placed inside a specific construct for study and use. The structure often consists of one or two circles (signifying the energy’s ability for infinite expansion), varying numbers of lotus petals (signifying the vibratory frequency of the symbol, the more petals the higher the frequency), a square (signifying we are holding the energy still for study or use in a particular way) and four doors – one on each side (meaning one is not trapped inside the square but can enter and leave in any direction).

Some people (such as myself) can see these forms multi-dimensionally – they can move and rotate and they can be focused on different situations by how they are worked with. I artistically adapted the image to the right to indicate its ancient origins; the image below is the grid by itself.

Creation Mandala | Classic


The symbol shown here is Creation, or the Bhuvaneshwari Mandala. It emanates from a single point (meaning the universe itself originated from a single point that contains all potentials). You can stop this grid at any point to study or work with it.

By placing different types of stones in different configurations, you can tailor the intent of the grid. You can also place a person’s photo (or your own) inside the grid, over the center point, to call the grid energy into the person’s energy field. You can place food and drink in the grid, to imbue it with the grid energy.

stress management grid

The version shown right is excellent for stress management. On the grid base I’ve placed four olive green translucent tumbled peridot stones. Peridot is known as the healer’s stone. It is very useful in securing your energy in a positive way. The center is a piece of magnetite, or lodestone. Magnetite grounds your energy deep into the core of earth.

The combination works thus: You are connecting to spirit before it manifests as matter, securing it to be balanced, and locking that balance deep inside the earth. This combination helps you to grab hold of the stressors in your life, and bring them under control.

You can try this with various protective items you have in your own personal collection, or head on over to our sister site, Crystal Life Technology, Inc. ( and view the Stress Management Grid there.


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